Stockholm Summer Games 2014 is canceled


The swimming competition Stockholm Summer Games has annually been organized by us at the Arena “Eriksdalsbadet” since 2008.
Eriksdalsbadet is owned by the City of Stockholm and they have all these years granted us access to the bath at low cost. Now we have unfortunately been informed that the tariff for us has increased so dramatically that it is no longer possible for us to arrange the competition any more. We and all of you participating associations are of course sorry for this but it is a decision that we must respect. Any swimming club belonging to the City of Stockholm engaged in youth trainings and who want to take over the competition Stockholm Summer Games may contact us es.semagmlohkcots@ofni

If your organization in any way has been affected financially by the above decision, please contact the administrator in charge:

Anette Hager

+46 8 508 267 51